My Books

If you like my poetry, I have published two books of poems which can be purchased from this page.

Two books of poetry by Marion Sharville

‘A Carrot in the Toaster’ Published in 2009, contains a collection of fifty two poems.

‘Pastry Needs a Light Touch’ Published in 2010, contains a collection of seventy eight poems.

The books cost:

To the UK, including postage and packing: £10 per copy.

To the rest of the World, including postage and packing: £12 per copy.

You can purchase now by clicking the Buy Now button below.

  1. This will open a PayPal payment window. You can pay with credit and debit cards or your PayPal account if you have one.
  2. In the PayPal window you can type in which book you want and how many copies.
  3. Please also enter the full amount and complete the payment.
  4. You will be asked for your postal address.
  5. We will then send you a confirmation email and post the book/s to you as quickly as possible.

Buy Now button

Two books of poetry by Marion Sharville

4 Responses to My Books

  1. Ann Pegrum says:

    Finally got round to looking! Great stuff! Have left my email address….

    Ann P

  2. You’ve made a very good story.
    If it’s fine with you, I would like to request permission to use your article as it fits to my problem. I will be glad to negotiate to pay you or hire you for this.

    With Regards from
    Republic Polytechnic

  3. HI Mervin, glad you liked the site. I know John Wayne’s name was Marion but I am more a granny than a son, and a very old granny at that. Sorry to disappoint you. The headline about Wikipedia is out of my sphere. I have to keep things simple.
    I am based in England.Pperhaps you are from America. Thanks anyway for the comment.
    Happy New Year.

  4. Bon poste, persistez comme cela

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