Welcome, little one.
I have looked forward
to your arrival;
my love already there,
waiting to grow;

your face, your personality
as yet unknown;
a mystery to unravel
through the years.

This brimming cornucopia
of questions, ideas, emotions,
yet to be awakened, will
enrich who ever you touch.

Already touching me, you are
unaware that I am part of you;
that many others have left gifts
for you, on the tree of life.

When the time is right,
you will pass them on,
adding your own unique

When we are face to face,
your features pencilled in,
you’ll see in mine a survey map
of every path I’ve travelled.

I’ll lend you my map, to avoid
the roads inked by regret.
But step out bravely;
plot your own course.

Your parents will steady you,
teach you the magic ‘Open Sesame’
to reveal the excitement of discovery.

Gaze always, with wonder.

© Marion Sharville

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