My quizzical re-action
to this physical attraction is;
‘Whatever is it, draws me to him so?’
…I just don’t know.

He isn’t tall and handsome
for, in stocking-feet, he stands some
four-foot-three and
I am nearly six-foot-two
…quite hard to woo

but he’s learned to jump quite high,
so he can look me in the eye
and I haven’t dropped him
more than once or twice
…and he’s so nice

about it. I can shout it
from the roof-tops,
that this is the man I love
…Heaven’s above!

How is it that I find
that I don’t really mind
the jutting of the ears?
…not altogether.

because the love he shows,
ignores the blight of my big nose
and sees me as a beauty
…well, I never!

© Marion Sharville


About Marion Sharville

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  1. Paul says:

    That’s a constructive comment. Be interesting to see some of your poetry and leave some similar in-depth, intelligent feedback

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