At a creative writing class, we were given two words picked at random and asked to write something, using these two words together. My given words were ‘Peaceful’ and ‘Banana’. My only option was a nonsense poem, hence:

Bananas are not very often required
to show much emotion or say that they’re tired
but seeing this lone one, flat out on a chair,
I made the decision to help, then and there.

It tossed and it turned and threw off its skin;
to see it stark naked was not a nice thing.
It longed to return to its own native town,
where the bunch it hung ’round with, still grow upside-down.

I threw it aboard a ship leaving Worthing
with a tear in my eye, yet happily knowing
there’s only one place for a peaceful banana,
it’s back in a grove in Copacabana.

© Marion Sharville


Spring lowers the drawbridge,
the park bench beckons.

She breathes release from four walls,
a squirrel skitters to its larder.

A young man swings along the path,
head clamped in sound.

Entwined, a couple linger,
blinkered by love.

Children dash past,
vandalising the silence.

No-one looks back.

© Marion Sharville

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