I feel it is behove of us
to learn to love the octopus.
To demonstrate its fishy charms
it loves to take you in its arms.

I’m sure no harm is meant, at all,
when groping with its tentacle.
This creature, as it drags you down,
has no idea that you will drown

and if you should, this octopus,
with slurp and suck, would then rescus-
itate your still and lifeless form.
Its kiss of life might make you squirm.

I’m sure t’would be a great surprise
for it to witness your demise.
I bet you, ten to fifty quid,
It’d be a most unhappy squid.

Its grip is such a tender trap,
for it’s a most endearing chap.
We shouldn’t really make a fuss
but learn to love the octopus.

© Marion Sharville


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