Marion Sharville ©

I am singing while I’m driving
on the great M-Twenty-Five
and it is the sort of morning
one feels glad to be alive.

I am happy, in my Mini,
my simple heart is full of smiles.
Take it easy, nice and steady,
keep my speed at fifty miles.

I am feeling full of love, the
whole wide world is my best friend.
Surely, three cars at the same time,
cannot pass me at this bend?

I suppose they’re in a rush,
a special place they have to go,
as for me, my time’s my own
I’ve lost all my ‘get up and go’.

Blooming cheek though, edging me
on that hard shoulder, what a nerve!
They’d have mown me down for certain.
…I’m rather proud of that quick swerve.

Well, now they’ve gone and I’m alright,
yet, in my mirror, I can see
a line of lorries, foreign drivers,
all intent on killing me.

Two are coming from the inside
to join us on the motor way.
Four or five are on my bumper,
my Mini has the right of way.

I hate those lorries, hate the folks
who disregard our Highway Code.
I am feeling misanthropic,
I must get off this bloody road.

© Marion Sharville

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