The smile on Jimmy Jone’s face
shines on his friends, who, every day
bask in the warmth as each new dawn
he rises, stretching with a yawn,
prepared to captivate and lay
each preening miss in silk and lace.

No clouds of doubt obscure his sun;
the conquering hero never fails
but having won, loses his zest.

Yet, treated like a loathsome pest
by ice-cold maid with lacquered nails,
he saves his smile for just this one.

She is the sole epitome
of challenge and the Holy Grail.
Blinkered now, his friends outcast
and smiling still, is trapped at last.
No longer the philandering male
as by-gone loves watch avidly.

He buys a padlock and a chain
in velvet, in a tiny box.
The ice-cold maid is ice all through
and starts to mould her man anew.
She turns the key, the smile she locks
away…never to be seen again.

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