The owl and the Pussy Cat went to see
what was happening on the moon.
To get themselves there, they sat on a chair
that was tied to a big balloon.
They both looked up to the stars above
and decided the moon was too far
but a bird came along and gave them a shove
and the Owl and the Cat both said “Ta!”
said “Ta!”
said “Ta!”
The Owl and the Cat both said “Ta!”

Puss said to the Owl, “Now, why do you scowl?
you said that you wanted to come.”
“I’m supposed to be wise,
but I sometimes tell lies,
I wish I was home with my Mum.”

They floated on high to the top of the sky
then were told, “You can’t go any higher.”
They were quick to observe a mouse (with some nerve)
would not let the traffic go by her,
go by her,
go by her,
would not let the traffic go by her.

“Dear Mouse, it’s insulting
not even consulting
the AA.” The mouse said, “I know
but we must save our cheese,
now move along, please.
I’m afraid that you’ll both have to go.”

“But, there’s no way of knowing
it’s cheese that is glowing.”
She said that there certainly was.

“You mice aren’t that bright.
We don’t know if you’re right.”

“But we mice, know a man who does,
who does,
who does,
Yes, we mice know a man who does.”

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