The world is full of people
who breathe and walk about.
They laugh and cry and love and hate
and let it all hang out.

They procreate and multiply
from China to Peru.
They fight among themselves
and take their children to the zoo.

They float among the stars
and burrow underground;
enjoy the daffodils;
endure the daily round.

They spoil the world they live in,
yet give as well as take.
They patch up their mistakes,
just for the children’s sakes.

Yet, all these motley people
are completely unaware
the POET Marion Sharville
is also living there.

© Marion Sharville

2 thoughts on “POET’S LAMENT

Add yours

  1. Thanks Annie,
    I did look at your Salamander blog at the time. It was great of you to want to publish it. It is very rewarding when someone likes a poem enough to publish it.
    I wrote the Poet’s Lament quite a while ago. Nice to know I was wrong.
    Best Wishes

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