The daylight and the night
take turns to tread Time’s wheel.
The rhythm of their cycle
keeps us on an even keel.

These twins, so un-alike
are always there together.
Our lives would be but
without one or the other.

We watch their beauty as they
upon a dappled pond
and need to go through shadowed
to greet the light beyond.

Without the darkness and the light,
what shapes could we define?
We wouldn’t see the obstacles
on your path or on mine.

Blank paper, with no pen strokes,
would not say what I’d like to,
in a letter that I long to send
to tell you that I love you.

The sun without the shade
and joy untouched by pain
might deprive us of the wonder
as we see hope rise again.

Light travels swift, in straight lines;
highlights substance everywhere.
Life for every one of us
is a distinct 3D affair.

© Marion Sharville

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