“Try again, lad…blow harder.”
“I can’t do it.”
“You’re not trying. Stand aside, Mother. You don’t want to get scorched. Try again, son. When I was young I could throw a flame a hundred paces.”
“Well, I’m not you and I can’t.”
“Won’t, more like.”
“Alright, won’t. I don’t want to breathe fire. It’s anti-social. Apart from scorching your friends when you’ve only stopped to chat, it’s damaging the ozone layer.”
“What’s he on about, Mother? I blame you for this, you’ve always been too soft with him.”
“It’s not her fault. My generation has woken up, we care about the planet. You lot are still smoking. The stink of sulphur makes me sick, and what’s more, I’ve decided to become a vegetarian.”
“Kids! But…I’ve caught you a virgin for your dinner.”
“Can’t I get it through your scaly heads?…they’re an endangered species…they’re almost extinct.

© Marion Sharville

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