You, who taught the daffodils to dance
and tip-toed softly through a young girl’s hair,
yet, with a sudden scream of song, you tore
through alleyways and window frames and locks;

tarantella’d with the clothes hung out to dry
and harried all the clouds there in the sky.
You take a breath and in the lull we see
a glimpse of Spring, a tantalising thing

to bait our yearning for some warmth
but you’ve not done with jostling, teasing, yet.
You like to stir things up, with one last fling
before we cross the threshold into Spring.

© Marion Sharville

4 thoughts on “MARCH WIND

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  1. “tarantella’d with the clothes hung out to dry
    and harried all the clouds there in the sky”

    I love that part, for the use of ‘tarantella’ and ‘harried… the clouds.”


    1. Thank so much for your comments. It really gives me a buzz when someone takes the trouble to say they enjoy my efforts. It is also good to know which poems or special lines in poems people can connect with. Your remarks are great help to me.
      I am in the U.K. I do not know, which country you live in but at least we’re all in the same world.
      Many thanks,
      Marion Sharville

  2. You’re welcome, Marion. I’m in the Philippines.

    I’ve read your reply to another visitor; you said “my sons set me up on this blog to try to keep me off the streets and out of trouble. They’re hoping it will work.”

    Ha, ha. That made my day.

    You’ve certainly charmed a reader halfway around the globe from you. 😉 Cheers.

  3. Thank you ? Mr/Mrs/Miss Corsua for your kind comments. I hope you continue to enjoy my blog. I think it is wonderful that we can communicate with people from all around the world.
    My daughter is a nurse and works happily with several nurses from your country.
    Silver Surfer,

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