Auntie Bessie was a stickler
for the simple rules of life.
She said, one should not co-habit
with a man, if not his wife.

So she married Arthur Truegood,
who was tall and dark and lean,
but she very soon discovered
he was also cruel and mean.

As divorce was not an option,
she began to ponder how
her release could be achieved
without the breaking of her vows.

She reviewed it, to the letter;
richer; poorer; better; worse;
staying true to one another
until death; a life-long curse.

She began to dream of murder;
studied books; chapter and verse.
But, if caught before succeeding,
t’would put the cart before the hearse.

In the end, her one solution
was to drive him from her home,
so she took up music lessons;
played all night on her trombone.

Arthur, with his ear-drums ringing
rushed to get away quite far;
jumped a ship to cross the ocean.
… and now resides in Zanzibar.
© Marion Sharville

One thought on “THE ESCAPE

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  1. Hello Everett, I’m really glad you like my blog. It is a great help when people take the trouble to send a comment. You’ve made my day. I love writing and my sons set me up on this blog to try to keep me off the streets and out of trouble. They’re hoping it will work.
    Thanks again
    Marion Sharville

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