Relentless pacing of years,
despite illusions,
marching slowly in single file
towards their ultimate goal.
Snatching here, giving there,
teasing with promises
that slip twixt cup and lip.

Compassion, cupping the chins
of drooping heads,
raises them gently to gaze briefly
into the wonder of fulfilment.

The spring of life coils endlessly,
twisting through the years.
The soaring thrust of youth
strides arrogantly
into the summer garden,
preens still, in the desperate,
vivid beauty of Autumn,

then wearily lifts aged arms to scratch
at the slate skies of winter, letting
through the life waters of heaven
to nourish the unborn years.

© Marion Sharville


A clatter as the old box is
tipped out on to the kitchen table,
adding more clutter to the things
not yet cleared away.

Small hands reach for treasures.
Eyes large, tongue helping,
she concentrates on building a world.
Reality takes a back seat and life dances
between the butter dish and the sugar bowl.

The quietness is inlaid with
the child’s soft humming.
Contentment settles like a
carelessly thrown cashmere shawl.

© Marion Sharville

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