Murphy Philosophises on …


ONE day, TO be sure,
the THREE of us
went FOR a stroll.
We met the girls
and climbed the FIVE-barred gate
into Ryan’s orchard

and there, the SIX of us
were in SEVENth heaven
as we romped in the long sweet grass
and ATE the forbidden fruit.

When the village clock struck NINE
we made our way to the pub
so as not to waste any more drinking time,
for TEN to ONE, TOmorrow
the THREE of us will go FOR a stroll
and meet some new girls…

It’s the beer that counts.

© Marion Sharville


The Parks and Gardens Committee
voted to scatter their dreams
along the grass verges of the A224.

No-one noticed the kick-start of life.

Cars swished through the dark tunnel
of winter, their drivers unaware of the gift.

Emerging, dormouse-eyed, they are
surprised by pools of daffodil gold;
a nodding acquaintance.

The Committee moves to another agenda.
The gift continues its sunburst fanfare
to Spring…
after Spring…
after Spring….…

© Marion Sharville

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