This is the tale of Flannelette Bill.
who, to this day, haunts the cotton mill.
One day at the loom, he was swept off his feet
and woven into a flannelette sheet.

At the mill, a week’s notice was always required,
unless, of a sudden, a workman was fired.
The way that he went caused quite a commotion,
especially as Bill had been due for promotion.

“He didn’t give notice,” the management said
as they laid the sheet out on the night watchman’s bed.
“He didn’t clock out, which is never allowed,
at least as he is, he will not need a shroud.

It’s most aggravating, he worked a short day,
so just tell his widow, we’re docking his pay.
Don’t think that I’m hard, I’m really quite nice.
to prove it I’ll sell her this sheet at half price.”

© Marion Sharville

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