Summer 2012

What a summer it has been;
the most rain we’ve ever seen,
the people from the ‘Met’ could not say why.
My garden’s like a lake,
no lie and no mistake,
I swear a submarine went floating by.

A rainbow; sun and rain
says the Flood won’t come again
but I think that we should keep a watchful eye.
The country-side is sodden,
the crops have all gone rotten,
it’s enough to make a lot of people cry.
The prices in the shops
have risen higher than the crops,
so, we open up our purses with a sigh.

The sun has gone on holiday
to countries far away.
It didn’t have the grace to say “Goodbye.|
It pops back now and then,
we think ‘Summer’s back again’
but before we’ve dashed outside, it’s had to fly.

A girl bought a Bikini,
it was very teeny-weeny
but she never had a chance to lay and fry.
The dream she had relied on.
was, her Bikini would be spied on
by all the handsome men, when passing by.

.But the wind was rather chilly,
goose-bumps came willy-nilly,
to spread all over her and multiply.
she ran back home to don
a shirt and heating on;
summer frolics put on hold for bye and bye.

If the world is getting hotter,
then, the Weather-man’s a rotter;
he’s been feeding us a really blatant lie.
The way the Eco-system’s going,
there is no way of knowing
but I’d say another ice-age’s pretty nigh.

© Marion Sharville

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