The summer sun has risen and slowly
warms this July day,
the chance to eat alfresco is commanding
so I totter to the garden with my
breakfast-laden tray.

Relaxed, I butter toast and pour the tea
and sit regarding
the Hollyhocks that peer at me above the
Today for once, no tasks await too
pressing or demanding.

Seemingly alone, I’m made aware my
special place is dense
with a myriad fellow creatures, flying
The exodus from the high-rise block of
nests is so immense
they brush graffiti with their wings on
the canvas of the sky
and swoop across my path with so much
zest, Oh!
there are so many of them that I cannot

I sit with buttered toast and marmalade
from Tesco
and wonder, was it wise, to decide to eat
s © Marion Sharville

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